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Digital Marketing for Dentists

Attract and Retain High-Value Patients&Staff

We sell Strategic Dental Marketing, Content Marketing, and Websites, so you don't have to worry about:

  • how you'll find the time to grow your revenue per patient
  • where you'll get the expertise to attract staff
  • whether you'll drop the ball by juggling everything
  • putting your practice at risk by not having a plan
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Growing a Dental Practice is Overwhelming

If you don't have a plan

You became a dentist to control your time and income, but that's probably not how it feels. Commerce Stifling Laws have stood between you and a thriving Practice for far too long.

Insurance companies have become increasingly difficult to work with for years
The Pandemic triggered a permanent change in the workforce
Refusal to increase payouts and inflation give dentists a pay cut every year
Hygienists and Assistants are more expensive and scarce than ever
You're losing far too much money on insurance patients
Most Dentists now work for Insurance Companies. You spend overhead costs on paperwork and negotiation, only to be paid crumbs.
Marketing to your workforce is no longer optional
Continue putting up with entitled, flakey dental staff that go your competitors for a $1 raise. Or build a  quality talent pipeline that has loyal candidates.

All this leads to sleepless nights, constant overwhelm, and fear of failure.

Stop writing off 50% of your revenue and putting up with staff you wish you could replace.

We believe you deserve better.
Woods&Tech tames this growth-halting situation through our proprietary process rooted in the DDM Core 4 Funnel Strategy.


Woods&Tech is a Digital Marketing Agency for Dentists

We specialize in Digital Marketing so you can focus on Dentistry. Through our DDM Core 4 Funnel Strategy, you'll grow your practice, get your time back, and make more money. Most importantly, without the headaches caused by insurance and staff management. Let's eliminate these headaches together.

Trusted By Dental Brands

Learn and Use a Plan to Grow Your Practice

The DDM Core 4 Funnels Strategy

We built our strategy on core fundamentals of business:

  • Keeping relationships is more valuable than getting new relationships
  • Either you influence your staff through marketing, or someone else will

After understanding these insights, it becomes evident that practices need to take ownership of four responsibilities: New Patient Marketing, Internal Marketing, Recruitment Marketing, and Employee Marketing.

An icon of a tooth with target on it
New Patient Marketing
Beat your competition to the best patients in the area. Your marketing team will decide whether they will go to you or the office down the street.
An icon of a person with target on it
Recruitment Marketing
Your Indeed ad will fail in today's market. Attracting top dental candidates requires a marketing strategy, and the bare minimum relies on luck.
An icon of an analytics chart going up and to the right
Internal Marketing
Don't be satisfied with a single visit. That prophy and new patient exam won't pay the bills. Only after keeping patients is the actual profit made.
An icon of a team
Employee Marketing
A great dental staff attracts patients. Marketing to your employees improves patient experience, increases productivity, and more.

Not understanding these responsibilities puts your practice in jeopardy. You need systems that build these relationships without you spending time on them. Our funnels do this on autopilot. But how do you create them? In comes the 3-Step Dental Digital Blueprint.

3-Step Dental Digital Blueprint

The basis of each Core Funnel, this blueprint lays out how to build any funnel.

Connect Through Content

Custom Images and Video

Patients&Staff need to see themselves in your marketing. Stock photos and videos are easy to recognize. They're a roadblock between you and profitable relationships.

Words That Sell

We create marketing campaigns that get results by understanding where the prospect is in the buyer journey.

Target and Optimize Conversions

Target Conversions

To prevent marketing waste, you must send relevant content to the right person. Hitting the right target is critical.

Optimize Conversions

Where many dental practices fall short, ads optimized correctly bring patients and staff who care more about the experience than money.

Nurture Leads

Capture Contact Information

Start by helping prospective patients and dental staff. When you connect through content and target the right person, they want to stick around and listen to you.

Build Relational Equity

Once you have people listening, your relationship with them can grow. Show that you care about them more than your competitors. Then make them an offer so good, they can't refuse.

The Plan for Growing Your Practice

Book A Call
Take action now, or your practice will stay the same, leading to more stress and uncertainty. Get on a call today to resolve these issues.
Choose The Package Best For You
Pick one of our  packages, or let us guide you based on your goals.
Confidently Grow Your Practice
With a plan rooted in quality business strategy and a team to execute, you'll be amazed at the results.

Dental Digital Marketing Services

Always ROI Focused, Never Vanity Driven

Did your last agency offer you clicks, traffic, or "visibility"? Did any of those vanity metrics translate to dollars in the bank?  We discuss conversion rates and offers because they have a tangible impact on your practice goals.

An icon of a website with a  tooth on it
Dental Websites
We build the best dental websites. Every site is built for conversions, displays beautifully on phones, and is easy to navigate.
A google ads icon customized with the woods&tech color palette
Google Ads for Dentists
We can put you at the top of Google and pull in patients looking for a new home.
An icon of a magnifying glass enlarging a cog
Dental SEO
Outrank the competition. Our Dental Search Engine Optimization(SEO) attracts patients to your practice. Let our specialists make you the go-to dental practice.
An icon of a sales with leads going into it
Dental Funnels
Sales funnels drive conversions of a single service or product. They help you put the right content in front of your customers at the right time.
An icon of people who are connected
Social Media Management
Keep your patients engaged while capturing patients who are on the fence by meeting them where they are and putting a message in front of them.
An icon of a person giving a star rating
Reputation Management
An unmanaged reputation  puts you at risk of wasting money. Based on it, a prospect decides to come, refer, or run away.

Only half of our services are displayed here. Get the complete picture by clicking the button below to read our services page.

Trustworthy Dental Marketing Services

Today, dentists are fed up with marketing agencies that don't have their best interests in mind. Everybody is just trying to stuff money in their pockets. That is why we invest in our customers first, our team second, and then us.


1 Client Opening Remaining

Other dental marketing companies spread themselves too thin to deliver value, let alone care about customers. Work with a team that keeps you their top priority.



Woods&Tech did the QBrush App, and they Hooked Me Up! Shout out to Lamar Woods. The experience was great, the service was great, and he was on time. I would definitely use Woods&Tech again and recommend Woods&Tech if you need an app.

Quigless, DDS

Dr. Kirk

Doctor Q's Fresh Breath Club

Lamar was awesome to work with and was always available to communicate what he was working on.




Lamar was amazing to work with. He understood the scope of my IoT project and was able to develop my application exactly as I wanted it. I have yet to find another firm in St. Louis with the knowledge and agility to deploy what Woods&Tech can accomplish. I highly recommend!!!



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Our "Make A Dentist Smile" Guarantee

A relationship you can count on and enjoy.

What's Yours is Yours
We will never take your website, ad account or analytics away. Those will always be yours.
We'll Never Disappear
We built a "Responsiveness Commitment" into each of our packages. If we part ways, we'll professionally Offboard you.
No Babysitting Required
We deliver high-quality work. We aren't doing our jobs if you have to check behind us.

These are just the beginning. We meticulously crafted our commitment to excellence and made it public. You don't need to guess about whether we care about you or will treat you poorly. See our 6-point "Make A Dentist Smile" guarantee on our About page.

Elevate your Dental Marketing

With Woods&Tech, you'll go from unconfident about your business skills to the Successful Dental CEO. By the time we're done, you'll be poised as you talk about business and share what you know with the greater dental community.