Our mission is to
Independent Dentists
and have fun doing it

Marketing&Technology have the power to change the world. We wield this power with responsibility and a smile 🙂

Our "Make A Dentist Smile" Guarantee

How it works

What's Yours is Yours
We will never take your website, ad account, or analytics away. Those will always be yours.
We'll Never Disappear
We built a "Responsiveness Commitment" into each of our packages. If we part ways, we'll professionally Offboard you. The process is described below.
No Babysitting Required
We deliver high-quality work. We aren't doing our jobs if you have to check behind us.
Compliance Isn't Optional
We'll care for your patients like you would. 100% HIPAA Compliance.
Premier Service and Training
We deliver first-class service. You train your team on high-level service; why shouldn't we?
Your Problems = Our Problems
We won't ignore your frustrations. We will offer a solution if we find out you aren't happy.

This isn't just "talking a good game". If you find that we are delivering on any of these commitments, we'll give you a gift. We'll spend money whenever we fail here because we're committed to backing up our words.

Our Offboarding Process

Never feel like you're chained to your Marketing Agency. Most use complicated contracts, questions of ownership, and undocumented work to lock dental practices into relationships they can never leave.

That is why we created our Offboarding Process. Here's how it works:

Transition Success Meeting

Existing Asset Training

We won't just dump a bunch of files and logins on you. Our customers deserve a smooth transition. So, we review the assets in your Exit Care Package and how they're used. We'll also make sure we know who we should transition accounts to.

Feedback Session

We pride ourselves on taking care of customers. We want to hear anything you can share that would allow us to be better.

Exit Care Package

Asset Credential Map

All the accounts you've paid for during our engagement will be in a document that clarifies the transitioned assets and the credentials required to access them.

Marketing Asset Bundle

For the assets we have that aren't accessible through cloud-based software, we'll roll the assets up and include them in the Exit Care Package.

Marketing Strategy Consult

Going Away Party

We appreciate having a chance to work with you and would love to show it! Let's come together to celebrate your new chapter. Your team is invited, and the food is on us.

Where we think you should go

Over the course of our relationship, Woods&Tech has had the opportunity to learn unique insights about your business and your patient base. Capitalize on that by hearing recommendations based on where we would take your marketing if we assumed responsibility for your growth today.