Woods&Tech started in St. Louis, Missouri, 2017 as a mobile app development company. The founder, Lamar Woods, was tired of building the same apps and wanted to reach his potential. While creating a portfolio project for the company, Lamar became infatuated with the idea of helping families heal from Drug Addiction. He transformed that project into a Tech Startup called SoHeart.
SoHeart did some excellent work but didn't stand the test of time. At this point, we had a solid project to point toward as we started focusing on clients again. The work we did ended up expanding our services to include marketing. Eventually, we decided to niche into dentistry because of the number of projects we naturally worked on for a dentist.
Today, we're focused on helping independent dentists thrive.


years of experience

We know how to deliver what you need



We've done this more than once

Started in 2017

With a need to do more, our founder set out to help other businesses thrive.

First business client in2018

It was a significant milestone for us. And it hinted at our tremendous potential.

First dental
client in2021

It started started our journey into dental.

Niched into dental in2023

With quality projects under our belt, we earnestly committed to dentistry!

6 Facts about us

We build customized solutions for remarkable practices

Our clients have a substantial impact on their communities

Our experience ranges from startups to corporations

We price our service based on the size of your organization

Our service is Top Notch and always professional

Last but not least, we are Black Owned